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At Yeppoon Boarding Kennels & Cattery we have two separate kennel areas.  The main Kennel block, for all medium to large dogs, offers sanitized kennels of differing sizes, all in concrete/brick and colourbond and offering trampoline beds, blankets, toys, water crates to play in, treats and daytime radio. This area has just been renovated with brand new sealed concrete flooring and brand new internal dividers. We have also just replaced the astro turf into our second exercise yard and what a difference - the dogs love it and we love it too!  

Our philosophy is that dogs are largely social animals and enjoy sharing each other's company, for this reason all dogs that are social and friendly spend their days playing in our beautiful tree filled play areas complete with toys and paddle pools.  

We have two large play areas for guests staying in the medium and large dog kennel block plus a 1/3 acre grass paddock and The Garden.  The smaller of the 2 play areas is astro turfed which makes for a fantastic playing surface.  Our very large main play area has several motels with their own dedicated play areas it so that dogs that are not so good with their own kind can still enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for the day.  

“The Little Dogs” area provides all our precious little guests with a safe enclosed area to play and sleep in, offering:- kennels of differing sizes, little doggy huts, trampoline beds and lots of blankets, bunny rugs, treats, toys and daytime radio.  We also have 2 human beds in the little dogs sleeping areas - just like home and they love them!   In their astro-turfed play area they can play in the little kiddies houses or cool off in the paddling pools.  We find that generally the little guests are sweet and amiable and we allow them to roam free all day.  They all make good friends, find a suitable playmate and share each others beds throughout the day.

Only good quality, nutritious and yummy meals are served here. 

Each morning we cook our own stew which includes rice, veggies, pasta and chicken mince.  In addition there is fresh chicken (mince, necks, or frames), meaty bones, doggy rolls and a quality dry food (free of flavours or colours) which caters for even the fussiest of guests.  Of course, if you want your little furry companion to remain on a consistent diet or their diet is driven by health reasons, you are more than welcome to bring his or her own food in.

Please note our kennels & cattery are fully open for viewing during our normal working hours but please, please, please make an appointment.

Too hot for dogs!
Too hot for dogs!
Whats on tv today?!
Whats on tv today?!
Angus and me on the beach
Angus and me on the beach



For our little furry feline guests we have the "The Cat Shack", a beautiful, clean, airy and spacious residence for up to 40 cats.  This Cat Shack is fully insulated so our guests are not disturbed by the barking from the kennels and doggie play areas. It is also airconditioned for our guests ultimate comfort.  For their entertainment, there is a flat screen TV so our little furry guests can catch up with the latest (and not so latest!) cat friendly films such as: Mouse Hunt, Chicken Run, Stuart Little etc. 

In addition to the standard apartments in the Cat Shack, we also have 3 "Cat Condo's" which have proved to be immensely popular.  The Condo's are the size of a small room, they are covered in special cat mesh and have been set up as bedrooms, with human beds (or a cot), scratching posts, chairs, toys, tunnels and more!  Absolutely adorable and what fun!!

All our other guests are in large freshly refurbished apartments with beds, blankets, toys and scratchers.  Of course all our guests are special and individually receive loads of TLC from staff.

NEWS UPDATE!!!  We now use quality, Australian produced Black Hawk cat food ​as the ultimate meal for our feline guests and this is supplemented with lactose-free milk, tinned tuna and assorted wet-foods.  So far our guests LOVE their bowl of dry food to the extent that even our usually fussy eaters feast on their dinner to great contentment.  We have not had one cat refuse its dinner since we started feeding them this new diet.  What can i say to that?? We know that a good diet means a healthy disease free animal so we are pleased to offer this tremendous food for no extra cost.

We are very proud of "The Cat Shack" which offers the ultimate in comfort for all our feline guests.  Please come and have a look.


Our fully air conditioned reception area is a very tranquil office where you can get out of the rain or the heat, have a seat and a cool drink and watch our TV screen whch scrolls through photos of our many guests and their antics.  Our reception is absolutely pet friendly so dont worry about the carpet, just bring your pets in - everybody's welcome! 


We need proof of vaccination (C5 for dogs, F3 for cats) for the first visit and then again after each yearly booster.
Yeppoon is a haven for paralysis ticks all year around.  We ask that you use a flea/tick preventative before arriving and suggest you order a hydrobath on departure.
We sell spot-ons, tabs and tick collars at cost price if you have forgotten.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.