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Do my pets need to be vaccinated?
We need proof of vaccination (C5 for dogs, F3 for cats) for the first visit and then again after each yearly booster.

Do I need to have my pet on flea or tick treatments prior to boarding?
We ask that your pet has flea/tick prevention before each visit and orders a hydrobath for your pooch on departure.  A hydrobath will have your pet going home smelling “aaah” and not “eeer”!.  We use top shelf tick/ flea wash or a herbal wash for sensitive skins. 

Do I need to book before I bring my pet in?
Yes please!  Remember, we do book out over any holiday period.

Will you open out of hours for me?
Sorry but NO.   We keep very strict hours for a variety of reasons.  If our hours dont suit we understand and are not offended if you visit another kennel.

Can I pay by Credit Card?
YES. We accept Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS and Credit Card

Can I bring in some of my pets belongings? 
YES, you can, but please remember that bedding and toys may get dirty, torn or even lost!  We accept no responsibility for any belongings that are left with us, however we try our best to keep them in good condition.

My pet is on a special diet.  Do I bring in his food?
YES, please bring in your pets food if on a special diet.  Some clients also bring in favourite food for their pets that are a bit fussy as well.

Do you do pet transport?
YES, we do pick up and deliver your pets.  We also do dropoffs to the airport and towns further afield. Please ask us for prices. (Local prices are on the Prices page).

It is getting cold now, will you put PJ'S on my dog if I bring them in?
YES, we are more than happy to put on PJ'S for your pooch.  We even have a supply of our own if we think a dog may need a pair.  Our kennels are fully covered and enclosed, the small dogs also have huts to sleep in if they like, but its still not the same as sleeping in mums bed!




Molly and Stella enjoying the beach
Molly and Stella enjoying the beach
Playing with the cat mesh! what fun is this!!
Playing with the cat mesh! what fun is this!!
Sammi in the little kids.
Sammi in the little kids.
Macca at Barlows Creek
Macca at Barlows Creek

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.